818-858-0GFE – 818-858-0433

yes my 702 number still works for those who have it

Please be courteous & TXT FIRST

As a general rule I do not answer phone calls from numbers I am not familiar with.  I may also be busy and unable to accept a call.  (please see Etiquette page)

Be ready with your verification details and include them in your text.

I will NOT discuss any of my services until you are verified

Please note I am often at my second home which is in a remote location in the desert outside Las Vegas and has very limited Cell Phone coverage. By leaving a TXT or detailed voicemail, it will be converted to email so that I can recieve your message via internet, Please allow 12-24 hours for a response.

Alternatively, you can email me direct at:

If you include a phone number please advise if you would prefer me to TXT or email you back.