Here are some guidelines for contacting me and preparing for appointments.  I apologize in advance if it is lengthy or I seem to be very blunt – its just Aussie style. I’m quick to the point and try to make things as clear as possible, as I don’t wish to waste either your time or mine.  But believe me, I’m really a very sweet lady (just read my reviews)



Your first contact with me is important – first impressions count.
I’m a busy lady with limited time for admin . My first piece of advice is that patience will be rewarded.

My second piece of advice is to wait for a reply.

My third piece of advice is not to hassle me. Notice a theme here?

Include your verification details: P411, TER, ECCIE, PS etc…
I will NOT discuss any of my services until you are verified – NO EXCEPTIONS.
A text message or email that is polite and straightforward is appreciated. 
Simply introduce yourself, give your location as well as your preferred date, time and duration of the booking.
Please advice if you have a preferred contact method or time to reach you.

If I do not answer your txt/email right away it means I am busy.
Aside from work I also like to spend time with family and friends.
I also need my downtime and some beauty sleep (We’re all not getting any younger, right?!)
I also live desert which is OFF GRID with Limited and often NO cell phone service. I will get your message when I am within range of a cell tower.
TXTs will be converted to email and sent to me.
Please allow time for reply as I have to login manually to my emails to see them.

My availability for appointments is 24/7 HOWEVER:
If you require a very late night/early morning appointment TXT or email me 12-24 hours in advance.
If you attempt to call me at 3am asking for an on-the-spot appointment be prepared to be disappointed – because I won’t answer unless you are a solid regular. 

Be respectful and courteous in your contact, the use of vulgar or offensive language is not tolerated.  Please do not text me photos of your intimate body parts.

Do not try to negotiate my rate – this is most offensive and disrespectful.

Do not ask me for services that I have clearly stated that I do not provide.

When making a booking, I will ask you for some personal details to confirm. This information must be taken for security reasons, and is generally not negotiable. If you have privacy concerns, remember that this is my life career & business …my repeat clientele relies on discretion.



Hygiene is very important. You must look your best.  If this is a dinner date please wear at minimum jeans and a dress shirt, please not t-shirts, shorts, tanks, etc. I will be dressed like a lady so I should expect that you would be dressed as a gentleman (albeit a casual one). If you own a sexy uniform should wear that… OK, you don’t have to, but I will be really really happy if you do ;-)

Always be freshly showered, clean your teeth and make sure your fingernails are not sharp – I cannot stress the importance of a manicure. Rough nails can severely damage my intimate areas!
If you wear cologne, apply it sparingly. I should only be able to smell it when I get very, very close.

Provide clean linen and a fresh towel. Tidy up a little, and make sure the bathroom is clean.

It is your responsibility to ensure that nobody else will be arriving to the  location whilst I am present… room service delivering meals always exempted of course ;-)

When offering any kind of beverage, always present it in a sealed bottle and open it only in front of me.

Being intoxicated has a very negative effect on an appointment, while a glass of wine or a beer is fine, I will not tolerate drunkedness. If you are drunk or under the influence of any drugs on my arrival I will leave immediately, If you become drunk during an appointment I will leave and no refund is given.



If you are running late for any reason, please call or text to let me know as soon as you are aware that you will be late.

eg: If your appointment is for 9 .. but it’s now 6 and you think you will be an hour late call now.. please do not wait until 5 minutes before the appointment

If I arrive to the appointment and you are late (up to 15 minutes) I will still keep the appointment with you at the hourly rate but only for the time remaining. There is no discount and I will not stay longer.

If you are late by more than 20 minutes and have not contacted me I will cancel the appointment and blacklist you on a NATIONAL LIST, this may seem harsh but please remember this is a business for us Ladies, and considering that my schedule is generally flexible enough to re schedule, had you called earlier, you should have done so.

Phone calls are cheap, and manners are welcome. Missed appointments, on the other hand, are not.



When I arrive, you will be greeted by the same person you have seen in the photos on this website – strange but true!  
My photos are up to date, and show you how I look- the only thing that changes is my hair color though mostly it is black … or black with another color at ends.
Yes I am tattooed, yes I am a small 5’1″, yes I have curves, yes I have gauged ears…
 If any of these bothers you DON’T book an appointment, because I AM AN ALT MODEL and that cannot be changed (it’s all permanent). 
If however you like the rock-n-roll bad girl with a lot of sophistication thrown in look.. then I’m you’re girl!

Have the donation ready for me upon arrival. 
A common practice is to have the correct amount ready in an envelope, placed in an obvious location. (Usually bathroom sink)

Whilst I enjoy a bit of friendly chat, to break the ice and develop a rapport, please be respectful.

There will be times where you may want me to stay longer. If I have no other prior engagements, I am willing to stay. 
It is expected for payment to be made at the beginning of any extended time.



If you enjoyed our time together and would like to invite me out for dinner or to go out socially, it is a booking and I expect payment for my time.

Whilst I do enjoy your company – please do not forget it is a business arrangement.

If you happen to see me in public, whilst shopping etc, please extend the courtesy of not approaching me to talk and I will likewise extend the same to you.  
I may be there with family or friends (even if I appear to be alone my friends may be just a few feet away) and it is very awkward for me to be placed in that situation.

If you would really like to show your appreciation, you may leave a review for me at   The Erotic Review

Should you wish to see me again, my availability to you becomes 24/7 on call and preferential treatment over new appointments.

I am happy to give referrals and whitelistings for all COURTEOUS hobbyists.
Should you require a reference or OK please send a short email or text within a couple of days, requesting such.
Please do not wait weeks or months, as due to privacy concerns I do NOT keep a list of my clients likes/dislikes activities etc … and after some period of time it is difficult for me to recall (sadly there are men who try to get references from ladies they have NOT seen.. so I am quite vigilant about my references being sound.)