Q: How recent are your photos?
A: My photos are sorted most recent to oldest (top to bottom). I update my photos around once a month .. sometimes more.

Q: Are you Raven-haired,  brunette or redhead?
A: All the above!  … I previously owned a number of hair clinics and worked in Hollywood as an assistant to the Global Artistic Director of a world renowned clinic for A list stars – so I am able to change my look very quickly:  The popular “green dress/brunette” photo and “white dress/ redhead” photo were taken the same day!  If you have a preference – I can accommodate that. Please let me know at time of booking appointment…. but naturally and most of the time.. my hair is raven black or black with colored tips.

Q: What are your measurements?
A: 32G-26-33 and I am 5’1″ tall

Q:How many tattoos/ piercings do you have?
A: Tattoos: Left arm 3/4 sleeve, Both front shoulders, Abdomen, Bikini line, Left Leg 3/4 Sleeve, Right Thigh piece, Right Shoulder Blade, Lower Back (trapstamp), Both Hands (knuckles)
Piercings: Gauged 00 ears, Labret, Tongue#, Nose*, Septum* Belly Button*,Hood# (*not wearing unless requested #Not wearing)

Q: Do you still have an Australian accent?
A: I have hardly been in Australia in the past 13 years but yes it is still there a little.

Q: I saw you in a video – do you offer services like I saw in the video?
A: This is probably the most common question I receive but it is the most lengthy to answer:

I have been in the industry for 19 years- Yes I really am 37 I have no reason to lie about that- and during that time I have been in many kinds of videos (my extensive list of productions is on my bio page) and my schtick has been out-of-the-ordinary, niche, microniche, fetish and fantasy videos.  Often a client contacts me wishing to reenact one of those scenes.

It is important to remember that any video you see is EDITED and  there is a lot that happens behind the scenes which you,  the viewer, are not privy to.  Often there are many hours (often 6 or 8 hours) which go into producing a video and most last less than one hour when edited. I have even spent an entire day on a set just to produce an edited video of less than 15 minutes – most of that time was spent filming “consent” footage which is only used for legal purposes.   A lot of what goes on at a porn set is sitting and standing around discussing what happens next – its actually very boring in between takes. If you were to have the ACTUAL porn experience you would probably be bored to tears!

Just as with a TV show or film – a lot of porn is ACTING.
Its a medium in which people can act out fantasies –  their own or the viewers – more often the viewers.  Remember that porn stars, just like Hollywood actors, will accept roles in scenarios which they may NOT enjoy in their private life. Just as an action hero doesn’t spend his days driving cars at high speed, shooting machine guns and saving the world, porn actresses don’t necessarily spend their days being tied up, gagged, handcuffed, gangbanged or being penetrated by strange objects.

Porn sets usually have a crew.  This means that all times there a number of other people present during filming who act as a safety for all the actors.  If an actor needs to cut or have time out there are people to make sure that the requested break happens.  Again it must be stressed that everything which happens on film is CONSENSUAL – no matter how it may appear on film – and a crew helps to make sure that this line is never crossed.   In a one on one situation there is no safety buffer between a provider and a client.

It is very important for me to stress that while I do cater to fetish and fantasies I do NOT provide any kind of service which includes S&M or abusive activities.

All fantasy and fetish appointments must be discussed in advance and donation set accordingly.  Further screening or information above and beyond standard screening may be required prior to session depending on the fantasy request.

Q: Where can I find  list of what is (and isn’t) included in your services?
A: Please check at Preferred 411 for a complete list of activities / languages.