Because a Goddess is worth more than just a donation!

What lady doesn’t love a gentleman who bestows gifts upon her?
With that in mind, if you would like to show your appreciation, here is a list of gifts that I would love to receive:

  • Flowers: Camellias, Orchids, any tropical exotics.. or Cactii !
  • Chocolates: Cadbury if you can find it (try at an Indian supermarket) I do not like Hershey brand or anything with peanuts.
  • Sweets: Japanese Mochi especially red bean
  • Shoes: Size 7 (euro size 36/37)
  • Lingerie: Size 3-4, bra size 32G (32DDDD)
  • Clothing: Kimono, Hanfu, Jiku Tabi, Indian Saris
  • Perfume: Vera Wang Princess, Elizabeth Arden True Love
  • Prepper Supplies: MRE’s (Vegetarian), outdoors equipment etc
  • Geek Gadgets: Anything techie is always appreciated
  • Photography: My Canon DSLR was stolen in Malaysia – still needs replacing
  • Art: Painting supplies, brushes
  • Health and Beauty: Massage, Spa, Gym certificates , Cosmetic Clinic vouchers.
  • Miscellaneous: Anything Star Wars, Star Trek or Martial Arts related